About Us

Nandi's Naturals' FounderSometimes simple is the best way to experience life. So that's what Nandi places in every bottle, jar and tin--simplicity.

Born and bred in small-town Louisiana, most of what Nandi's Naturals founder Yolanda "Nandi" Jacobs consumed came straight from the earth, no additives, no preservatives, no fillers. While life choices might have taken this kreyol girl away from her small-town upbringing, one thing always remained: a desire to recreate her childhood, where figs and pears were picked fresh off the trees in her grandmother's backyard, where chickens clucked, roosters crowed, cows mooed and birds chirped.

Of course, she didn't want to place all those ingredients in her products, but you get the drift--good products don't require tons of unpronounceable ingredients, when simple, safe ingredients will do. So, it's with the vision of summer days eating blackberries until her mouth turned blue and fingertips black, that Nandi set out to create body care products that didn't require a chemist to translate the ingredient list or cause panic attacks after seeing the price tag. In other words, she wanted her cluck to be a cluck and her moo to be a moo.

We're certain you'll love our products. If you do, tell others. If not, tell us--quickly. And if you'd like to rant and rave about Nandi's Naturals products, by all means go ahead. If you'd like your rant and your rave to stay between you and Nandi, you can reach her at kreyolgirl@nandisnaturals.com. She loves receiving e-mail. Really, she does.

Thank you for visiting Nandi's Naturals.

Indulge responsibly! ;-)